Friday, June 09, 2006


OK so now our favorite prepaid refill card store has a deal site so competitive that FatWallet (a huge deal site) deletes posts regarding it...DealKing...

Full disclosure: eventually DealKing will have a referral system and all DealKing links on this site will be referral links. But not yet.

Anyway, the only thing I don't like about DealKing's coupon section is that it has about 3 coupons for each deal that are exactly the same.

But here are the deals, leaving out postpaid (LetsTalk etc.) offers:

Amp'd Mobile
The deals on this company (of which I will talk about in a later post) aren't as great for prepaid as they were last week or so, but they are OK nonetheless. For postpaid, which only has an 18-month (not 2-year) contract you can get some super phones for next to nothing...

First off, Amp'd has the aforementioned 18-month contract. Yes, it's a contract, but it's not quite the horribly dull two years that other providers do. Yes, the phones cost upfront, but not horribly much, especially with a $40 credit by DealKing. The Kyocera Jet and Angel slider phones, with the payback, would be a mere $9, nice for MP3 cameraphones, and the Motorola e816 Hollywood, $99 on Amp'd website, would be just $60. Groovy.

Second, Amp'd prepaid gets $15 back from DealKing. This doesn't do much to make a dent in the somewhat high phone prices, but it does help a little, taking the Jet and Angel down to $84 (from $99 after a mailin rebate) and the Hollywood down to $134.


Whatever you decide to get, postpaid or prepaid, DealKing gets you $25 off. So the aging Nokia 6010 would be only $25, the Samsung x495 only $75, the Nokia 6101 cameraphone (nice) only $125, and the Razr $225...and the Sidekick II $305. For most of these phones, however, you can get them elsewhere (eBay, TigerDirect, whatever) for a bit less and get a T-Mobile SIM card for less than $10 on eBay with more minutes than are in the normal starter kits included with T-Mobile To Go phones. But if you want to be tame here's a good way to really get prepaid without getting burned.

By the way, remember to refill before midnight (end of the day) of your expiration date. Otherwise you will find your minutes horrifyingly gone the next day, though you can pick upo where you left off as far as Gold Rewards go. And yes, I learned this by experience. :( $60 or so in TMobile airtime...gone...


In a word: $30. In more than a word: DealKing, with its $30 back promo, renders quite a few Cingular GoPhones absolutely free. I'll talk about what the selection is a post or two down the line. My recommendation: Nokia. They're generally good, they're cheap, and you can easily unlock them (or ask me for an unlock code) so you can put them onto T-Mobile or whoever else who is better than Cingualr with their poor 25 cent a minute rates. Geesh...a short call costs more than it would on a payphone!


Whoda thunk it? You can actually get a better deal on a Tracfone than you thought could be had! Going through DealKing's website yields $5. Not huge, until you realize that the most expensive Tracfone available is $50, or $100 with a 1-year card. Cheaper Tracfones are around $25 including shipping and tax.


A few months ago I wouldn't have put this in the prepaid section, but now with the arrival of a $150 1-year card and $30 60-day card this branch of Tracfone squeaks by. Plus, the phones all include 300 minutes \ 60 days worth or airtime.

Phones start at $40 (refurb Nokia 1100) and get more expensive the higher you go up on the feature chain (Moto c139 is $60, v171 is $100) but so do discounts, though they stay very small...5%...but it's better than nothing.

So that's what's available as far as prepaid phone discounts go with DealKing. Have a nice time taking advantages of these offers.

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