Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Correction, Yuh Honuh

Some guy named Brian Recchia (his site is hotlinked in the title of this post) observed that I got something wrong with the Motorola c139 review: the phone does have a ringtone composer. I decided to investigate.

The composer is in the Ring Styles menu, and is listed as My Tones. However, the dang thing is horribly hard to use as far as I can tell, so I'll let Brian give everyone a tutorial on his blog, and I'll just link to it. But yes, this little pig...er...phone does have a ringtone composer, at least one of sorts.

Why did I miss this? First, at the writing of the review the phone wasn't with me (oh, and the screen is maybe twice the size of my 225's external screen, but that's still not too good) and second Motorola's user interface is pretty hard to navigate...er...very hard to navigate.

Thanks Brian for the correction!

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