Thursday, April 19, 2007 \ Shameless Self-Promotion

Just found a sweeps site with a twist: whoever gets the most votes for winning a particular item will get the item. Which is pretty neat because if your reasons are good, you'll win. :)

The reason I'm bringing this up here is that CheapPhoneCards has some airtime cards ($50 for GoPhone, $25 and $50 for T-Mobile To Go, $10 for an STi long distance card) up on the site, and Cingular has a GoPhone there, too. I've already entered on all of them, and I'd suggest you should, too... see, after a set time period the system randomly selects seven "finalists" from all the people who entered to win the stuff, and people vote on those finalists. If I get into the final seven, I'd really like it if you'd vote for me...if you do, I'll gladly vote for you...

...oh, and if I win the phone-related stuff I'll review the phone (if I win that) and, whatever I get phone-wise, will put it up here as a giveaway. That's why I'm asking you to vote for me :)

And yes, I am entered into some other contests on there (for electronics). If you could vote for me (my username is iansltx) I'd be really happy, as most of the stuff would go to someone else...I like making people's days.

Anyhow, entering and joining are free so take a look and hope this helps someone! And yes, I'll likely have the Marbl reviewe up here before tomorrow. So check back soon!

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