Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tracs Cuts

Some of the Tracfones are even cheaper than usual...

At Dollar General the Nokia 2126i (the new Single-Rate version) is $15, albeit with no included airtime (versus $30 with 60 minutes included).

And at K-Mart (thx Turk) the Motorola c261 looks to be $30 ( cameraphone!), with the grey-haired v170 down to $25.

Keep the price cuts coming :)

1 comment:

Turk said...

Hi Ian...I have a few questions for you pretaining to Tracfone:

1.Has the "free 30 minutes promotion" started up yet when you add an airtime card to your phone?

2.How new does the phone have to be to get these free 30 minutes when adding an airtime card?

3.Is the free 30 minutes good for all airtime cards added in the future?

4.Can you get these free 30 minutes on top of a promo code also?

5.I activated my nokia 2126 in Jan.2007, do you think my phone qualifies for these free 30 minutes now?.......Thank you.