Friday, April 13, 2007

And on the BabbleBug Front...

BabbleBug, at least for now, isn't coming out with the Tracfone $10 card. But they are coming out with "direct topups" for Amp'd and Boost Mobile. The instant topup lets you not have to deal with PINs\cards. Which is pretty neat if you ask me. BabbleBug already has direct topup available for a few carriers, among which are Verizon's two prepaid services, EasyPay and INPulse.

For Boost, you have an additional advantage: you can select your own top-up amount between $10 and $100, unclusive, though BabbleBug will charge 50 cents extra for top-ups under $20. They'll also be able to top up the new Boost Unlimited plan. You don't get the fancy pick-your-own-refill with Amp'd but it's still a direct top-up.

Hope this helps!

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