Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Virgin Mobile...Like Whoa, Dude

Virgin Mobile just changed up their site...for the cheaper...

First off, they've lowered the prices of their phones. The Kyocera Cyclops is now a quite palatable $60, and the old Slider Sonic is down to $80...and it includes $20 of airtime! Talk about deep discounts...the Sonic thus effectively got a 40% price cut, while the Cyclops is now 25% la junk phones ;)

Also, texting packs have been renamed Messaging Pacs...and they're the same price! What's so great about that? Well, they include picture messages! So for $10 a month you get pix messages for a penny apiece, should you choose to send a ton of 'em...crazy, huh?

And Virgin Mobile has changed their IM policy. IM is now considered as a text message price-wise, which means it can add up very quickly without a messaging plan, but with one things may have just gotten a whole lot cheaper...

*Applause for Virgin Mobile*

Oh, and one more thing: if you want to send e-mail with your phone, now you can, for five cents per message either way. Or it's part of the new messaging pack. The catch? Only certain phones are supported (Cyclops, Switch_Back, Slider Sonic it looks like) and right now it's just AOL, AIM or Yahoo mail. :( And Yahoo isn't out yet...won't be until the 17th.

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