Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog From Your Phone, Whatever It May Be

I just spent awhile calling Virgin Mobile so that my photo-moblogging at Washington D.C. would go without a hitch. Well, the guy on the other end unfortunately didn't have much information for me, but I figured out on my own how to moblog away on whatever service you're on!

1. Sign up for a flickr account at (they're now part of Yahoo so if you have a Yahoo ID it's very quick to set up an account).

2. "Attach" your blog to Flickr (it's a multi-step process but it's not hard).

3. Turn on email-to-blog capability on Flickr.

That's it! You now can email photos from your cameraphone (via MMS) to Flickr, and thence to your blog. And if you use Virgin Mobile and do this a lot, the photo messages are a penny apiece. Sweet if ya ask me...

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