Friday, April 06, 2007

BestBuy Virgin Mobile Deals

BestBuy has all their prepaid phones on some sort of special, but Virgin Mobile, and with them only two of their phones, has significant discounts. Keep in mind that it'll cost tax and at least $5.50 in shipping beyond the list price if you buy online (I'm guessing you can pick up these phones in stores right now for these lower prices) but on the two phones that they've discounted it's still cheaper to get them from BestBuy than from elsewhere...

Kyocera Cyclops - $59.99 (usually $79.99, used to be $99.99, so with tax and shipping it'll be about $70.89...maybe I'll review this instead of the Snapper)

Kyocera Switch_Back - $89.99 ($10 less than usual, though shipping is $5.50 all in all you come out about $4 ahead on this other words not a super buy but it's something)

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