Monday, April 16, 2007

30-minutes-for-life, Demystified

Wondering about the new "30 extra minutes for life" promotion Tracfone has? Allow me to enlighten you...

Q: Is this promotion valid on my phone?
A: If, on activation, you saw a big green banner saying that your phone has been enrolled in the promotion, you're good. If you don't, you're not enrolled. I activated a phone back in late December and saw this, so it's safe to assume that all new activations, and ones that are relatively recent have the promo...though the surefire indicator is whether you saw the promo message or not. You can also call Tracfone and ask...they probably know.

Q: What cards is the promo valid for?
A: All cards except the 1-year cards and the new $10 card. Which, I take it, means that with the $50 double-minute card you get 30 extra minutes...though I may be wrong.

Q: Can you combine the extra 30 minutes with a promo code.
A: I've heard nothing to say no, and the newest phones actually have a special "enter promo code here" step on on-hone airtime redemption, so all indicators say "yes". Though promo codes seem to be in relatively short supply of late.

Q: When does the 30 minute promo kick in?
A: The second time you refill. From then on, subject to the airtime card type restrictions, you get your 30 minutes. Enjoy!

So, personally, if you have an older, non-flip CDMA phone, you'd do yourself a favor to upgrade to the Nokia 2126i for not only this reason but also because the 2126i is Single-Rate (same-cost roaming, cheaper text). Oh, and it's a mere $15 at your loca Dollar General, if you have one of those, or $14.88 at your local ShopKo, if you have one of those.

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Turk said...

Thanks for the information Ian!

Turk said...

I posted a comment awhile back about the new Nokia 2126i slowly moving into my area (Pittsburgh, Pa.)...they were at the grocery stores first ($20, no free minutes), but are now at the big stores like Walmart and K-mart ($30, 60 free minutes)...but my Dollar stores quit selling them all together!? Dollar stores now just carry the LG 3280 for $50.

Turk said...

I stand corrected on my comment above...My local Dollar stores starting carrying the new Nokia 2126i's now ($15)...they didn't have any Nokia 2126's for over a month, that's why I thought they just quit carrying them.