Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Motorola c155 & c139 Reflashing

How do you free a Motorola c139 or c155 from Tracfone? Well, I'm still figuring it out, but the basic way to do it is by either buying a cable ($17.50 or so off of eBay) or buying a $270 "Infinity Box" (which has the correct software included, along with a lot of other stuff) and getting the correct flashing files\program to replace the Motorola firmware. You connect the phone, run the program and your phone is now generic, likely with more features than before (the generic c155, for example, has a web browser build in).

It looks like Soft4GSM.com is the place to go for flash files, but I have yet to know whether they'll work with the cheap eBay cable. If they do, my $6 unlocking service, for both c155s and c139s, is begun! Heck, I could even reflash a Motorola c261, it looks like...

...but I have to have the right software. I'll report back here as to whether the cable will work or not with the software. And if it does work I'll be happy to post the flash files up here...but the Soft4GSM membership does cost, so every little ad click helps!

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