Monday, April 23, 2007

Kyocera Marbl GIVEAWAY!

Yes, I said giveaway.

Sorry that there isn't much news right now, other than that BabbleBug has released two Sanyo phones (7100 and 8200) with xTreme Mobile service on their website. And my review of the Audiovox 8600 will be coming soon.

But to reward people for coming to this site, and of course to encourage more people to come, I'm giving away the Kyocera K127 Marbl that I just reviewed, from Virgin Mobile. It's about a $22-$33 value, depending on where you buy it.

Anyhow, here's how the contest works:

1. Support this site by clicking on an ad or two here.
2. Join via this link or the signup link at right. Oh, and post there a bit...:)

That's it! The contest runs from tonight at 10:30 till tonight next week at midnight, central time. That is, until the very end of April, central time.

If you win the Marbl, I'll get in touch with you via, so put an IM screen name or email address somewhere in there.

If you've already signed up with through my link, that's fine; you're already entered into this contest.

So have fun and here's hoping you're the winner! Tell your friends about this! The phone is practically new and will come in its almost-new packaging, along with the charger. You'll also get the normal $.250 signup bonus from Virgin Mobile. So go ahead, sign up and I look forward to picking between a lot of potential people to give this thing away. If this giveaway goes well I'll do some more. Let's see some winners ;)


Anonymous said...

What if I am already a member of Cellphoners? I've been there since February. I can't enter to win the Marbl?

Ian said...

Tellya what, if you download Google Pack via my link and post your cellphoner username here, you're in.

Anonymous said...

My system does not support the Google Pack, I am running Windows 2000 Professional, and Google Pack only runs on Windows XP and Vista. At least that's what it says at Google. This is a 6 year old computer that I can't afford to replace. Wish I could afford a new one, but I can't.

On another topic, Tracfone is offering Free Shipping again in orders of $19.99 or more until Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

enter me in the contest (chil0329)