Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scratch The Mourning...Trac Is Back!

The Nokia 1100 is no longer out of stock. Good Tracfoneers rejoice!

Also, regarding the previous comment, some Tracfones actually come with 60 (extra? I think so) minutes of airtime upon activation now. Keyword: some. These "some" are mostly the lower-end phones bought at retail (Nokia 2126, Nokia 1112). Just thought I'd point that out...

Oh, and by the way, if you like using your phone a lot, take a look at www.unlimitedcellular.info. It's my new site about unlimited cellular companies (I started it Sunday) and I think I've got something going there...

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Anonymous said...

In my area (Pittsburgh, Pa.) they are selling these 3 tracfones with the free 60 mins:

* Nokia 2126...$30
* Nokia 1112...$25
* Nokia 1100...$20

And the Nokia 2126 and Moto C139 are in all the dollar stores for $15; they are also selling the Net10 Nokia 1600 for $40 as well in some dollar stores.