Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Well, Tracfone changed their product lineup again. Now, their "free phone" for GSM is the Motorola c155. While it is a color phone with polyphonic ringtones, it seems to practically everyone to be inferior to the Nokia 1100, despite the latter's higher age and lower feature set. But then again, nobody can argue with the brick of a charger the Motorola has, even when compared with the wall warts Nokia sometimes supplies (though these chargers are thankfully getting rarer on that front).

And yes, I did review the c155 and the 1100, and I'd take an 1100 over a c155 any day. But Tracfone is making us take c155s if we want the "twofer" deal and don't want the Nokia 2285...ah well...

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Anonymous said...

Is their RAF program dead or what, is it coming back or not?...your thoughts?...thanks.