Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Phone Reviews: Coming Soon!

Well, today I received two packages. One was from BabbleBug (thanks guys!) with the Motorola T720c and the Audiovox 8600, both supposed to be on PagePlus (the Moto was, complete with PagePlus branding...tha 'vox didn't seem to be...which is okay but odd). The other package was from Virgin Mobile, containing the Kyocera Marbl that I ordered from them several days ago...and paid for (thanks loyal ad clickers! keep it this site!). I'll have reviews up soon. But I have to report one thing about each of the phones right now:

The Motorola T720c looks pretty nice in black...and interestingly bears the Page Plus Cellular logo and branding both in the phone software and hardware.

The Audiovox 8600 is small...on the cliff-hanging edge of being too small...except for its thickness, which is made even more pronounced by its other minute dimensions. I gotta say that this is the first phone I've ever had that can balance stably atop its own travel charger, laying flat...and we're talking a small travel charger...

The Kyocera Marbl is NOT the Kyocera K132 (thank God!) but rather the K127. Which means the keypad is worlds better, in my opinion, but the form factor, with a much larger bottom half of the flip though with a smaller top half, has lost a bit of cool factor in the five-model-number drop relative to te K132.

Stay tuned for reviews! And wish me luck with school...I was at UT San Antonio's campus library with my high school class doing research for this year's research topic is nanotech.

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