Monday, August 07, 2006

Virgin Mobile Price Cuts

Well, Virgin Mobile's Switch_Back phone must've been as ugly to everyone as it is to me. They have already cut its price down to $130 (okay, $129.99 but keep the penny), which is always a good thing.

They have also taken $10 off the Snapper's price, so now it's a mere $90. And the Oystr flip phone is now online, at $$29.99.

By the way, I'm putting the finishing touches on some somewhat in-depth comparison charts for BabbleBug. They cover all of BabbleBug's offerings that you can still activate in a reasonable number of places. Click on over there in a few days to see if they're up yet. If they are, you'll note that there's a fair number of services listed, and that there's a fair amount of info on each one. That's how I like it :). Though, frankly, some of the services are just soooo un-original, or, worse, soooo rip-offs. But anyway, take a look sometime.

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