Monday, August 21, 2006

Boost Tries to Scare Off Customers

No, seriously. Due to capacity issues on the Nextel network and the low average revenue per Boost Mobile user (compared to Nextel that is) Sprint\Nextel is going to start making Boost less appealing to people, in an effort to drive them to either Nextel contract plans or, well, anything else, because the Sprint iDEN network is getting cramped due to the feds wanting specrum etc.

How are they doing this? Well, for starters, web access is going up to 35 cents a day, thus making STi a better option on all counts, even with the 10 cent daily fee, and walkie talkie is now $1 per day that you touch the walkie button, instead of $1 only when you actually initiate a conversation. Hey, it's almost enough to make me leave...if things keep going this way my Boost i450 will go up on sale here. If that's what Sprint\Nextel wants to do, more power be to them, though they'd better provide prepaiders a good alternative (maybe make Virgin Mobile cheaper or something like that, though God forbid they do) or they won't see too many net adds the coming quarter.

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