Friday, August 25, 2006

Tracfone Revamps Its Lineup

Tracfone, as it normally does on Fridays, has slightly changed their lineup of GSM phones. Now, the Nokia 1100 is totally gone, probably for good. Left is an interesting price range. For $20 you can get the Motorola c139. For $30 you get the Motorola c155. For $40, the Nokia 2600. For $50 the Motorola v170. For $60 you get the v176, and for $80 you get the Motorola c261. I'll talk about the last phone somethime later...

But anyway pricing for GSM phones runs quite a gamut. Also, the two "free phone" deals, both featuring the Motorola c155 (one is the 2 60-minute card deal, one is the one-year-card deal), are still active. Which is nice.

On the CDMA side of things, absolutely nothing has changed. The Nokia 2126 is still offered for $30. And that's all. Hmmm...ah well...

Stay tuned for a review of the Motorola c155 (courtesy BabbleBug I got three of them, refurbished, yesterday) and my thoughts on the Motorola c261. I'll post either one or the other by tomorrow. Also, I'm going to start liquidating my phone collection so get ready for some good deals there! That will probably start next week.

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