Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tracfone Minutes Special

RIght I know, there's nothing going on in the prepaid world right now of any noteworthiness. But here's something I'm doin for anyone intersted in a lot of minutes for a little money:

I'm offering 500+ (as in you're going to get at least 500 if not more) "code" minutes, which will also extend your Tracfone's expiration date to 12/07/06, for $40. Yeah, 8 cents a minute. If someone wants to pay by credit card you'll need to add $1.50 for PayPal fees. But anyway this is a really sweet deal considering you'd usually only get maybe 200 minutes for this most.

Email me at is you're interested, with your phone's ESN, expiration date and phone number. I will send out the code to transfer the minutes the day I receive your PayPal payment.

Thanks everyone for taking a look at my site. Keep the hits coming!

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