Friday, August 25, 2006

Changes In Airtime Sales Coming Soon!

Yay! Thanks to this neat little jobbie called Google Checkout, I'll soon be offering normal, or anyway more normal, payment options for my phone refills. You can still pay me via PayPal if you have a bank account signed up with them, and that will stay free because I don't have to pay anything for it. But Google Checkout is where you'd pay me via credit card, if you want to do things that way. I'd merely pass on Google's fees to whoever buys the airtime that way.

Which would happen to be 45 cents extra for the 60-minute card, 50 cents extra for the ESN minutes and 65 cents extra for the normally $20 code minutes. For any specials I may have (which I'll probably have in the fairly near future, thanks to a few good eBay auctions) the extra credit card cost would be 2% of the normal price of the item plus 25 cents. If you look at Google's terms, the cost is 2% plus 20 cents but there's a bit of math that goes into it here due to the fact that I am adding Google's fee onto the amount instead of subtracting the fee from it. Once things start picking up (oprobably after I've made my 50th sale) I'll probably just kill this fee altogether, or rather absorb it into the airtime price without changing the price.

But I'll still accept PayPal for people with already active accounts linked to a bank account, and that at no extra charge.

As soon as I sign up for the Google Checkout account I'll update the minutes page with all the info about this. Hope this helps everybody get an even better deal on Tracfone minutes!

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