Thursday, August 31, 2006

UPDATED: Samsung a660, Now on Sale at CheapPhoneCards

Sorry but I've had oodles of homework and work in general lately. As it is, I'm writing this while waiting for the web pages relevant to a Motorola c155 activation load. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this...I'm really that busy...

But anyway, to let everyone know that I'm alive, CheapPhoneCards (use the link on the right to get to them) has just put the Samsung a660 on their site....for free! Well, $39 with a coupon to help knock a bit off the shipping price, with $40 worth of airtime. Which expires in 90 days. But hey, I can conceiveably use, with just web access and a little bit of talking, use up that $40 anyway in that time so having disappearing airtime syndrome with amounts this small isn't quite the isue that you'd face, say, with $80 in airtime on the LG 125. My only philosophizing is that maybe STi is trying to tier phones to where if you use more minutes you get a nicer "free" phone...which reeks of contract providers

Speaking of STi Mobile, my LG 225 is still for sale, with the wall charger, case, data cable and $10 worth of airtime...and the car charger if I can find it...for $50 shipped. I hope I'll have some more time for my next post...see y'all then!

UPDATE: I just got sent a 20% off coupon code for this phone, making it, well, cheaper than the airtime it comes with, which is nice. The coupon is "paymecell" (heard of it before? Me too...and of course no quotes). And by the way, the link now in the title is to the DealKing forum posting.

Another side note: I, last week, finally god my $25 T-Mobile To Go refill card! It took a heckuva long time, a lot longer than the promised two business days, but I'm glad to have it. Also, my dealKing cash back is showing up so a $30 check in the mail should, conveniently, not be too far off.

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