Wednesday, August 02, 2006

LarrysCell and Tracfone

To everybody who used LarrysCellForLess on eBay to buy Tracfone minutes, I do the same thing. Except cheaper and with everything out in the open. You do not have to prepay weeks in advance for minutes, and on top of that I sell more types of minutes (even traditional 60-minute cards!) for less than he did.

To show everyone that has been burned by Larry that I won't burn them, anyone who has dealt with Larry in the past and fared badly (provide me with your eBay ID and the item number you bought; you qualify for this is you gave the guy negative or neutral feedback) doesn't have to pay anything extra if you're paying for your first minutes from me with a credit card.

Hope this helps everyone...

Also, Tracfone just changed up their the last few hours! At least for GSM phones. Anyway, the new "free" phone is the Nokia 2600 (a big step up from the Nokia 1100, but with somewhat of a family resemblance) with not one but TWO 60-minute airtime cards! In other words, you get a phone and up to eight months, and $50 worth of airtime (you can easily pass 250 minutes with refer-a-friend and the cards included) for $20 plus tax and shipping! The downside is that the item is out of stock right now and says it wll ship in two weeks. Hmmm...maybe there was a glitch in the Tracfone matrix and the dang thing wasn't supposed to come online.

The other new promo is the Motorola c155, which now comes free with a 1-year card. If you want a dinky bar phone with a year of service, this is your current choice. Though it too is out of stock and won't ship till later.

The Motorola c139 is back down to a cool $20 plus shipping and tax (and tax on shipping). It's a basic phone but for $20 it's a fair deal if you don't want to wait for the superior Nokia 2600 with over a hundred extra minutes.

The remaining deals have stayed put. You can still get the Nokia 1100 for $30 with a 120-minute card. You can still get a Motorola v170 for "fre" with either a 1-year or a 250-minute card, and the former still has 200 extra minutes available through the promo code mentioned on the site. The Nokia 2600 is still $40 without any promos, and it's in stock, and the Motorola c155 is $30 likewise.

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