Monday, August 21, 2006

The Nokia 2600...It's Alive!

Thanks to a brainiac at SlickDeals, you can still get the Nokia 2600 refurb deal that includes not one but two 60-minute cards for $20 plus tax. In my opinion the 2600 is a nice phone then the c155 (heck, it sells for $10 more new!) so I'm going to jump on this deal when I want to get some more Tracfones for ESN minute and airtime purposes. Yes, the title is the link to the product page. Enjoy!

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Jairzinho said...

Thanks for the link, but I ordered mine on Aug 23 aprox. and haven't received yet (as of Sep 03). I called and they said that the order was accepted but they don't have 2600Rs for now so I'll have to wait. Just to let you or anyone else trying to buy this phone know.