Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tracfone c155

OK. As of Friday I'm thinking that Tracfone has sold out of Nokia 2600s. Now the better-than-free-phone is the Motorola c155. I do not know how good this phone is, though I am predisposed to say it's somewhat of a piece of junk, but I will find out soon enough; I'm working with BabbleBug to get a lot of 'em while they're still on promo.

As to the 2600 you can still get it new for $40. But I wouldn't really; it's about on par with the Nokia 2126 as far as features go, though the screen is higher-resolution. Oh, and I will get a review of the 2600 up here soon...

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Kivett-Studio said...

i hope you'll let us know what you think of the c155 once you get it...i was thinking of buying one now that tracfone is offering them refurbished for $20 plus the 120 minutes. They have the c139 for $20 now too, i got mine for $ far i really like it.