Friday, August 11, 2006

T-Mobile Customer Service

Seeing that the $25 card that was supposedto be included with my Nokia 6010 that I ordered a few weeks ago was still nowhere to be found, I put in a call to T-Mobile customer service. First I dialed 611 from my phone. Then, after being redirected by a rep to the generic sales line I hung up and dialed 1-800-T-MOBILE from my landline. I eventually wound up in T-Mobile To Go customer car again. But this time the rep got me on a 3-way call with a person in the sales department, then hung up when she had given the other rep the information she needed.

After I had explained my situation to the new rep, she told me that the item didn't register (the item that I bought) as having the $25 refill included. I explained tht it was part of clearly marked promotion available until July 31st, and that the order was obviously placed before that date. So she transferred me to a supervisor. Who asked for my information again and placed me on hold, coming back on the phone intermittently to tell me that he was still there.

I had to leave before the call was complete, but from my dad, who picked up where I left off on the phone call, told me that the supervisor came back and said that my refill would be received by me in two to four days. If this turns out to be true, I'm a happy camper. One more point for T-Mobile customer service.

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