Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nokia 2600s, Three of them!

The three Nokia 2600s that I ordered last week arrived today. Stay tuned for a review of the phone, plus a look at how you can have your mobile email, sort of, for free. And we're talking 459 characters here, not just 160. :) Anyway, stay tuned! And if you want to reach me quickly pretty much wherever I am, I've rigged up an email to forward to one of the 2600s for just that purpose. It's cell @ .

Sorry, but I don't want spam to my phone, hence the @ gap.

Also, keep messages relatively short...the max length is around the length of the first paragraph of this post. Hence the wierd paragraph spacing in this post :).

Again, visit here often so you can get my review of the 2600!


cellular-dude said...

Got mine today also, thanks for the referral.


cellular-dude said...

Did you get the correct sim cards? When I tried activating it said I was sent the wrong sim cards.