Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Word About Tracfone Promo Codes and forums

Look to your right, ladies and gentlemen. There is a link there, to what looks to be the most comprehensive list of Tracfone promotional codes on the 'net...thanks to Turk and everyone else on the Go4Prepaid forum! Over a hundred codes, and more of them "proved" recently than I know of other sites doing. It even looks to be more than that of the Tracfone_Users Yahoo group, which has been aroud for five and a half years now. That doesn't mean much in terms of keeping current promotional codes up, but it's something nonetheless.

Some other forum stats:
Users - 61
Posts - A little over 1500
Topics - Around 200
Hot topics - Tracfone promo codes, Tracfone sales, Virgin Mobile sales (Tracfone topics have over 125 posts apiece incidentally)
Age - 8 months


Users - 2230+
Posts - 22900+
Age - 65.5 months

Then again, that's the biggest Tracfone forum anywhere. Everyone else seems to be...well...lower in posts, much lower. Tracfone_Users actually seems to be the largest, most ative cell phone related Yahoo group...interesting. Maybe they should join in here :)


gmejia123 said...

This site is also pretty good. Page to test promo codes and is pretty accurate...Tracfone Bonus Code Tester

tracfone promo codes said...
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Anthony Smith said...

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