Monday, March 10, 2008

LG 3280 Price Drop, Multicolored Oystrs

Just a few news bits scavenged from the forums...

1. The LG 3280, with nothing included in the way of double minute cards or the like, is down to $40 in some places. I'd say it's worth that's certainly worth more than the LG 200c, but then again it is priced accordingly.

2. The Virgin Mobile Kyocera Marbl (reviewed here awhile back) is now available in two new "limited edition" colors. So, in all, you could "collect all five": standard, purple, sky blue, ocean blue and green. Or's not a great phone anyway unless you just want to talk on it, and if you just want a phone to talk on spare yourself the hassle and give yourself more coverage with a Tracfone. Then again, this could be expected; awhile back there were three or so colors of the Kyocera Oystr (also for Virgin Mobile) available...if I remember correctly they were standard white, pink and green. Pastels, all of 'em.

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