Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Phones On Net10 and Tracfone

Today Tracfone launched a phone. Net10 launched a different phone. Both were GSM. The Tracfone was the Motorola w175g, whereas the Net10 phone was the LG 400g. The former looks to be the replacement for the aging, lousy little beast known as the Motorola c139. With looks reminiscent of the Razr2 or the Motorola SLVR, albeit at a comparatively portly 0.55" in thickness, I don't think anyone is wanting to go back to the c139, especially since the w175g has a bigger screen and polyphonic ringtones (the c139 dosn't have 'em).

About the LG 400g, it looks to be the GSM version of the LG 200c, albeit a bit of an uglier duckling on first glance. We'll see when teh phone actually is available for sale. Neither it nor the Motorola w175g on the Tracfone side are, yet.

For more info on the phones, check out the posts on the forums about them: (LG 400g) (Moto w175g)

Thanks to everyone who found out about these l'il guys!

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