Friday, March 28, 2008

LG Flare Giveaway

Yes folks, it's here. I'm giving away the LG Flare I just reviewed (a fine phone for voice, I must say), for free, and the contest to get it starts now and ends 11:59:59 PM Mountain Time, Saturday night, April 5th, 2008.

Okay, so it isn't as much of a contest as a plain old giveaway with an entrance requirement. The requirement: post during the giveaway period to the Go4Prepaid Forum with something of value (I determine this subjectively but it's easy to do...anything from a spotted Tracfone deal to a promo code to a tip on some new carrier or phone available). Also, if you don't mind checking out this blog's sponsors (don't realy care about the ads on the forum just yet...they aren't mine...) that'd be great. Do this and you're entered into the giveaway. At midnight, Sunday morning, I'll figure out who won and private message them via the forum so they can claim their prize.

That's about it. Again, the prize is a shiny new LG Flare flip phone, which I reviewed last night, loaded with about $9 in airtime (I had to top up $10 on it so it has more on the phone than when I got it out of the box). Total value, including tax: $40-ish. Post on the forum to enter and best of luck to you!

P.S. MyMinutes (thanks guys!) said they're sending the LG Aloha to me today for review. Look for something here soon about it! Also, look for a review on the UTStarCom Super Slice from Virgin Mobile in relatively short order as well.


Marinna said...

Just got this blog post in my feed reader, and would love to be entered to win the LG Flare. I haven't got a good tip at the moment, but did check out your sponsor BabbleBug :)


Marinna said...

Here I am again! I spoke too soon - I just saw that the Flare does not have a camera, so we wouldn't have use for it after all. We consider a camera essential to a cellphone. It is so convenient to always have a camera by default.


Mark said...

OK, please enter me for the Flare... I have a ratty old K10 that is about to bite the big one. I just retired, and since I can't figure out what day it is anymore, I need a phone that displays, not so much the date, but the days, as in Monday, Tuesday, Wed, etc.

Tip for buying "pay as you go phones" from local store.
All those Electronic, et al., ads that you find in the Sunday paper can be found on-line at:

Here are this weeks Sunday ads for Virginia for prepaid phones..

Not cheap enough for you? Just wait for next weeks ads. :)

Also, while looking at the newer phones at Virgin Mobile,
looks like they are offering new Pay As You Go Plans?

Ian said...

Mark, I need some way to contact you, so if you could register for the forum and post the info there that'd be great. As it stands right now, I can't easily tell you when you've won!

Mark said...

trying again. got a Duplicate action error..
using a Mac/Safari.. Visual verificaition letters not showing up, joy.

I registered as danamark.