Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Virgin Moible Slices Slice Price, Verizon INPulse Gets the Juke

Just a few sale notes while I'm on my hour-long lunch break that I worked into my class schedule this semester...I'll be getting the LG Flare review out probably this evening...

1. Want the Virgin Mobile UTStarCom Slice? That'll be $20. Yep, the Slice price is down in the dust's not a horrible phone, though it lacks a camera and Bluetooth. I guess, hence the price. That and the fact that it's a rather old phone for Virgin Mobile's current lineup.

2. Verizon's INPulse plan now allows ou to buy the Samsung Juke music phone and put it directly onto their (read: Page Plus Cellular's, heh) service. All for a mere $125, which isn't horrible considering that it's the trendy hip phone of the moment, right? I'd personally go with a Krzr though.

Thanks to the folks on the forums for this info, and thanks to our sponsors (, lus the ones syndicated by Google's network) for helping me get the ad money needed to review (and give away!) phones. Support them; I might be able to earn enough this month to also get the Super Slice and review it, and probably even give it away to a lucky winner once the review is over. Thanks!

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