Friday, March 14, 2008

Want a high-end Amp' Plus Cellular Phone?

Then head over to One of the things his site offers, in addition to Page Plus "dealer" services, is a bunch of phones you can use with the service, activated and ready to go. Some examples? The Kyocera Jet from Amp'd (R.I.P.) is between $40 and $85, depending on how good condition you want the phone in. You can also grab the old Windows Mobile Samsung i600, which can incidentally connect to the internet over the little-known QNC protocol, even when running on Page Plus (just don't use it for anything but's a painfully slow 14.4 kilobits per second). There's the Audiovox 8910 for $40 (meh) and the Motorola v265 for $24 (hmm), and the LG vx6000 cameraphone thrown in for good measure at $25 (hmmmm).

There are a few other phones there, refurbished ones (as opposed to used ones), but they're the standard, rather old, fare sold by Page Plus Cellular, or in this case, who will give you reward points when you buy them toward the next refill you get with BabbleBug. If you're just interested in seeing those phones, clicking the BabbleBug banner to your right (they're a sponsor of this blog), then clicking the Prepaid Phones link to the top and right, will get you there. For all other phones though, the plac eyou desire us, where the phone selection at least spans a wider age range, and the feature set a wider breadth, even if the highest-end phone is still a Kyocera.

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