Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Few Deals...

Well I'm back from spring break now so I probably will have very little time to spend writing here, but then again I've got a Nokia 1600 review to post as soon as the battery runs low, as well as a Flare review when I get that phone and review it. But now, some deals:

1. The Virgin Mobile Cyclops (by Kyocera, see the review here and here) is now $30 at RadioShack and $28 at Target. I suppose it's worth that much...

2. The Virgin Mobile Kyocera Marbl and the LG Aloha are $15 in some places, $10 in others (the Aloha is ten bucks at RadioShack) or even less at still other places of sale (K-Mart will give you $10 off their price if you buy the Marbl with a $20 airtime card).

3 Some Walgreens stores (the ones that have the phone in stock) may well offer the Net10 Nokia 1600 for $20...with 300 minutes...meaning that I got ripped off when I bought it last week for review at Dollar General. That or the Walgreens pricing is insane. I'll go for the latter.

Thanks to the guys at the forums for pointing all this stuff out!

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