Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Virgin Mobile's Website Gets Some Flare

You saw it in Best Buy, you saw it on best Buy's website. I even predicted its existence based on a bit of insider information before anyone else did. Now it's official...officially buy-able from Virgin Mobile's online store that is: the LG LG165 "Flare". With dual color displays and Bluetooth, as well as some decent styling that I'd say sets it apart from the usual Virgin Mobile lineup, I'd bet that this one is gonna be a winner, especially at the $30 price point at which it is starting out. Especially for the crowd that doesn't want, or isn't allowed to have, a camera on their phone.

At this point I'd like to say that I've already ordered one and a review will be up soon. But here's where my sponsor, BabbleBug, comes in, as well as the Google sponsored links that run across the top of this page: visit them and tell your friends to do the same if you like this site, and I get money which I can then spend on stuff like the Motorola w175g, the LG 400g (see the post below this one) and the Flare. Thanks in advance for your support, and with that I'll get back to posting :)

In other news, the Wild Card is back up to $100, no freebie messaging pack included.

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ashi.kacheria said...

i dont know much about the virgin mobile handsets but love thier videos..they are damn smart and hillarious