Sunday, March 09, 2008

Nokia 1600, Nokia 2126i at Dollar General, Phone Sales and more!

First, I'd like to thank the folks (particularly Turk and The Sweeper) contributing to the forum thread for Tracfone deals, Virgin Mobile deals and other phone deals on the forum. Particularly the one about Tracfone deals; that superthread is actually quite informative if you're looking to get a Tracfone. It is here:

I was out and about yesterday and today, and one of the things I spotted (phone-wise, among other things such as various phones at Walgreens, see my forum post about it) was a bunch of Nokia 2126i' my Dollar General store...for $15! "My" store meaning the one in Fredericksburg, Texas, as I'm on spring break right now.

Another phone I saw was the Nokia 1600 on Net10, also at Dollar General. It includes (as Net10 used to include, and now does again) 300 minutes and 60 days of service, for the same price as the minutes alone: $30. Naturally, I picked it up, and it is now running on CellularOne Dobson-turned-AT&T beside me, complete with a local number. Look here soon for a review!


John said...

Nokia 1600.. nice little phone.. heck it even looks like a higher end model =P


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ian for letting us (me) know about the 2126i at Dollar General in Fredericksburg. I drove out today from Austin and picked one up.

dd78749 on HoFo