Saturday, February 04, 2006

Virgin Mobile Developments

Now to the big-name Sprint provider. First of all, the highest level of their Month2Month plan ($50 plus junk fees) now has unlimited nights and weekends. Wow, who knew VM could be civilized?

Actually, they can't be. At first glance their new "Inner Circle" plan seems great. It looks like you get unlimited calling to 3 people for 70 cents a day. Or is that unlimited nihgts and weekends? Neither. Rather, you get unlimited calling to three people ONLY on nights and weekends. What a rip...I can get REAL unlimited nights and weekends elsewhere for $18 a month (xTreme Mobile).

As far as phones go though they just got a little more reasonable. The Audiovox 8610, while not a great phone, has become the cheapest color flip with an external caller ID screen, at $25. Yes, it's a refurb phone and yes it's an Audiovox but if you want to try out Sprint coverage you can get a fuzzy idea of what it's like from this phone. The Kyocera Slider Sonic is down to $200 but that's still outrageously expensive for what you get.

Never mind; I take that back about the phones getting cheaper. They have just cleared out a lot of their old phones, leaving only color ones. Right, there's no Nokia Shorty on their website any more. The Kyocera Slider is the same drab $40 as it has been for awhile, but if you really want a slider phone it's cheap. The only other phones on the site (besides the Sonic, the regular Slider and the Vox 8610) are the Snapper (Audiovox 8915, $100) and the Kyocera K10 ($50) whose prices are unchanged since...a few months ago? Yeah, that sounds right...

Oh, and by the way, the Shorty is back up to $30 at my Wal-Mart. Let the dust collecting begin, as the Nokia 2126 Tracfone is sitting right next to it and is only $20.

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