Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Go4Prepaid Sweepstakes!

Okay, so I want to promote my site and get rid of a phone and get a few freebies in the process. With these filthy motives I present the first Go4Prepaid Sweepstakes!

First of all, to qualify you need to click on over to the Free iPod link in the link bar and complete an offer. After 4 people have done this it'll change to a Free iPod Shuffle link. Click that one too. You can enter multiple (in this case up to 2) times in my little sweepstakes by entering once when I have the iPod link up and one when I have the iPod shuffle link up. If you've alreaady completed an offer you're already entered into my little sweepstakes. When both my freebies are on their respective ways I'll pick the winner and send the prize off.

I have two prizes, and I'll choose the winner of the greater-value one first but otherwise you have an equal chance of getting one or the other. One thing though is that no one person will get both prizes. With that little bit of legalese aside, here be the prizes:

GRAND PRIZE (either or, my choice, with a good chance that it'll be the 225 since I will have to pay $30 or so to get the other phone up and running again, though if STi lowers their rates again the winner may get the Boost):

A great condition Boost Mobile Motorola i285 with a home charger and extra faceplate. It also has a ringtone I bought, a racing game and TeleNav (not standard with the i285; I paid for it) with one route. The phone will come with a newly reactivated sim card with $20 of airtime on it. This phone is rather basic and rather low on battery life (model characteristics, not due to my use) but it's ultrasmall for an iDEN phone and has great reception (better than any other iDEN phone I've run across).


My right now primary cell phone, a very good condition LG 225 cameraphone on STi Mobile, complete with car charger, case, home charger and manual. It will have at least $5 of airtime on it. It, software-wise, has 13 downloaded ringers (mostly movie themes but other stuff mixed in), a few downloaded wallpapers, various downloaded games and apps (basic stuff not worth mentioning) and Opera Mini, which lets you browse the full (HTML) web, or most of it, if you pay STi 19 cents a day for data services. This phone will be the prize if everybody becomes eligable between the time I receive the rebate for this phone and when either STi once again kills the 10 cent daily fee (April at earliest) or I sell the phone locally. Neither are likely to happen so it's pretty safe to assume that you'll get this phone if the winner gets their prize after I get my rebate.

Yeah, this is summat of a joke, but this lucky winner gets my very own, great condition, Nokia 5165 TDMA phone as well as a home charger. You can use this on whatever TDMA servie you have locally (Beyond Wireless is no more...) or use it in analog mode for a Verizon-based prepaid service where Verizon has an analog signal (which is generally where they have an 850-MHz digital signal). I may even throw in an extra battery.

Some Quick Notes:

-There are only eight referral slots total for the iPod and iPod Shuffle, combined. So you have a SUPER chance of winning something, especially since I'm offering two prizes (though one is a bit more of a joke prize...).
-Some of the offers there are free so you could say "no purchase necessary"...
-I will email you when you show up as having completed an offer on my referral account, which will be when the same thing shows up on your account
-If you're already participating in the FreeiPods or FreeiPodShuffles promos through somebody else's referral link sorry but for that particular promo you won't be eligable here to enter, as I wouldn't get credit.
-Clicking through my referral link won't make it any harder for you to receive your own free iPod or free iPod Shuffle. If you had gone straight through or the only thing different is that you wouldn't be able to enter my sweepstakes.
-Sorry, no prize substitutions. If you don't live in a Sprint or Nextel service area (depending on the phone I send) then you may not want to sign up, though I'd give you
the Nokia 5165 if you really wanted it and you won.

I guess that's about it. If anyone has any other questions about this deal, email me...

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