Thursday, February 16, 2006

Boost, STi, and Various other important miscellany

First of all I want to shout from the treetops that STi is supposed to repeal the 10 cent fee for the 10\12 plan! Looks like I'm not selling ym camera phone after all! :) There aren't any rebates available for STi phones right now, except for the wierd Staples rebate that makes you use about $50 worth of airtime to get a $100 rebate, but still this is good news.

Second, Boost Mobile is supposed to decrease walkie-talkie in mid-March. Its price, that is. It will then be $1 a day. For this reason, and for TeleNav (turn by turn driving directions powered by Nextel GPS...suffice it to be called "rockin'" ;) ) I'm going to keep my Boost Mobile i450.

I have two Boost phones and yes I'm selling the other one, the i285. I'd be willing to accept $30 for it, except that shipping cots a bit, so I'm thinking more like $35. It's worth every penny; it's the smallest iDEN bar phone I know about, and while the battery life isn't good the reception is, beating out any iDEN phone that I've come up against yet. It has about $15 worth of stuff I put on it, namely TeleNav (plus one route), a ringtone, and a racing game. The sim card inside it is inactive, but it's cheap to replace. Email me if you are interested, ye readers.

Third, taking the principle that Beyond Wireless TDMA was able to activate CDMA phones, I'm going to try to activate my Nokia 5165 on a Verizon prepaid, USAOneRate ( Granted, it will run in analog only, but it should be home coverage and it will be a neat experience, as well as a nice way to resurrect an otherwise-useless phone.

Speaking of USAOneRate, I'll talk later about it and other Verizon prepaids. Suffice it to say that the map on its site is incorrect; only Verizon towers are home territory. But the rates are not too bad...though there is a nasty 5 cent daily fee.

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