Tuesday, February 21, 2006


To borrow a cheesy tagline from half the lower-tier horror films available on store shelves now, Evil Never Dies. STi is reinstating the 10 cent per day fee March 19th. Looks like they once again fall off my reccommended providers list. Fortunately, this one month free of the evil daily fee-for-nothing (besides free lng distance to about 16 countries, none of which I call - ever) gives me enough time to qualify for the $100 rebate on my camera phone. Once I get the rebait (I spelled it that way intentionally) this phone is up for grabs, for the same price that Sprint sells it for on their website with a 2-year contract ($50), and with more stuff than Sprint sells it with (case, car charger and home charger would be included).

I'm completely disgusted with STi in case you can't tell. Granted, their fee isn't here yet but I'm still highly annoyed. Unfortunately I doubt this widespread annoyance will get STi to stop nickel-and-diming us to death (literally) for a second time...once again let me sing the saga of a great prepaid company gone terribly wrong...

The interesting thing is that those ten cents per day may be going into branding, as in the ugly STi logo being put onto the plastic of their phones with more than just a sticker. Or am I just seeing things on the Samsung a820 displayed poudly on STi's homepage? Granted, it's a nice phone and I would love to have it, but unless STi kills the daily fee for good I'm not biting...unless they give me a REALLY good reason to do so (30-day service period $100 rebates on the Samsung a820 anyone?).

On a side not, a rep actually did mention a rebate on the Samsung a820 coming next month to promote STi's ReadyLink aka Press and Talk service. But I probably won't stick around. Let the search for the best carrier around these parts begin... :(

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