Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tracfone Changes...

In the last few weeks several things have changed for the better around Tracfone. One thing is somewhat a change for the worse but I'dd take the good stuff :)

First of all, though you now have to enter EIGHT HUGE CODES to activate at least a new Nokia 2126 (may be for other models as well) or put in SIX HUGE CODES for one that hasn't had the program enabled, you mow most likely have access to Tracfone's nifty Rapid Refill system on the Nokia 2126. What happens is

1. You put in your airtime code and the promo code right after it in a certain menu of the phone
2. You wait
3. You get a nice message saying that you need to restart your phone since airtime has been added

The system still has a bug or two but now you never need touch a landline again to refill your phone, though you'll probably want to use the web to find good deals on airtime.

Speaking of airtime, there have been some nice minute increases that finally puts Tracfone on par with every other prepaid comany as far as price per minute goes. Here's what has changed:

40 minute card ($20) is now 60 minutes
100 minute card ($30) is now 120 minutes
200 minute card ($50) is now 250 minutes
1-year card (previously $90) is $10 more expensive (now $100) but gets 100 more minutes (250 total)
Double Minute card ($130) now has 400 minutes

In other words, the montly cost of Tracfone ownership just went up by about 85 cents if you just purchase off-the-shelf airtime cards, but rates are now in line with normal prepaid carriers like Simple Freedom (for Verizon areas RIP) and Cingular, with the $30 card giving 25 cents a minute (120 minutes). Plus there are a few promotional codes that you can use to get a bit more airtime. Mor on those a little later.

By the way, if anybody wants a Nokia 2126 Tracfone, which are reputed to be rare creatures in some aprts of the US, my Wal-Mart supercenter usually has plenty (between a half dozen and a dozen). Yes, I'll ship the phone, charger, manual and of ourse battery out (no big blister pack to save postage) for $30 loaded with 120 minutes (the other end of the referral would go to either myself or someone who pays $10 for it), or rather with 20 plus I'd email the 100 later so I can ship the phone ASAP. If you want 220 minutes the phone is $40. I'm not leaving much room here for postage and PayPal fees and such (dunno if there would be any on PayPal but anyway...) so it might end up being $32 or $35 for the phone with 120 minutes (and that much higher on the 220 minute phone) if I find out that I lost money on the first phone or two I send out, which at Wal-Mart costs $21.36 including tax if my memory serves me right. I'm doing this because this is a nice phone and some places just won't give it to you. And yes, it would come activated to whatever zip you tell me. Or unactivated for $40. email me with any questions.

OK, now to the promo codes for airtime...

59837 which expires the 28th gets 200 minutes extra on a double-minute card
59647 which does the same thing (no expiration date posted) for a normal 1-year card
57381 which adds 50 minutes to any other card but may be expired already

Additionally it seems like you can use any active promo code on the new airtime value corrosponding to the one it was designed for. In other words, if a promo code (like the foursomes in the often-found booklet that came with earlier Tracfones) worked on a 200 minute card it will work just the same on a 250 minute card. This makes for some nice deals on airtime.

I'll probably post more but time escapes me right now. Hope this helps everyone.

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