Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tracfone Specials - Part 1

In these posts I'll tell you what all you can get on Tracfone's (and others') websites. They're all pretty good deals, but some are better than others.

First, TDMA:
On Tracfone's website the only model available for TDMA is the Motorola v60it. You can get it either for $60 plus tax for just the phone or $140 including a double-minute card. Yes, that would make the phone, which is brand new (not the model, the phone; the model is old as the hills), $10. Not bad, until you find out that it's a subpar phone. But even with this in mind with tax you get 720 minutes for $150 or so, plus one year of service and double minutes, if I heard right about the promotional code for the double-minute card. You could just activate the phone, get the referral minutes (refer another Tracfone, preferably yours), then port all the other minutes over to your main Tracfone (mor on what that should be later), then add the double-minute card. Right, I lied. You can get 820 minutes with this deal...not bad considering you get a year of service and a phone that's sellable for something on eBay...

Amazon, on the other hand, as a truly nice deal. They have the Motorola v120t, which unlike its CDMA brother is a truly nice phone, for $30 with no tax or shipping charges. Granted, there aren't any airtime cards or other such junk included in the package, but hey, this is the last haven of the cheap TDMA Tracfone. If there's superior TDMA service in your area, and Tracfone runs on that carrier (more on that in another post) then by all means buy it. Just keep in mind it's not the most modern of phones.

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