Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tracfone Specials - Part Three

Sorry this was so long in coming but life once again caught up to me. This is the best part of Tracfone at the moment: GSM. At least as far as prices go for minutes...

Starting small, Amazon has the Nokia 2600 for $40. No tax and free shipping make this phone nice. If you want it, which you have good reason to, get it here, though if you are willing to settle for less you can get better deals.

Next up is the Nokia 1100 with a 60 minute card for $27 shipped and taxed from Tracfone's website. If you get two or more you will get free shipping. Each phone will get at least 180 minutes, with the potential for up to 320 minutes if you refer from another of your phones, then add the airtime card with the aforementioned promo code, then transfer the whole sheband to the referrer phone. Which makes for a cool 7 cents a minute or so if you get two phones and thus kill shipping costs. Of course the phone is refurbished but it's worthy enough to even be used as a normal Tracfone, not just as a vehicle of profit.

You can also get a free new Nokia 1100 with your choice of the $130 double-minute card or the $100 1-year card. Sounds like a 1-year contract with a cheesy phone to me, but hey, it's not all that bad. For the first you'd end up with probably 620 minutes plus double minutes for a year, making for about 22.5 cents a minute. On the second you'd get 570, for about the same cost per minute but less initial outlay and no doubling.

Now for the grand finale: the Motorola v170 deal. New airtime rates have made this good deal even better, netting a pretty darn capable, though annoyingly small-screened, color flip phone (the only color flip on Tracfone) with a total of between 400 and 420 minutes (depending on the promo code used) for $54 or so. If you have another Tracfone and do the refer-a-friend fandango you'll end up with 500 to 520 minutes. That works out to about 11 cents a minute, not counting the shiny new (okay, it's a refurb but looks like new) flip phone. Even without referring yourself and jumping through umpteen hoops you still get 12.5 or so cents a minute.

So yes, Tracfone has some good deals. All of the above phones have outgoing text at .3 units each, and incoming text at 0 units each (yeah, free) so if you want a lean mean texting machine this is actually a pretty cheap way to go. I might have to pick up one of these myself, even though there aren't any local numbers here...

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