Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sweeps Update

Just to let everyone know, I've received one more than enough potential referrals on the FreeiPods site and thus I've changed the link to freeipodshuffles. On either site I'll only accept the first few offers completed to keep the sweeps numbers nice and small. I'll email the other people that are potential referrals as people complete the offers on either site. To get technical, only the first 5 offer-completed referrals on the Free iPods site will be entered (that means 4 more and I'll post as people complete offers) and only the first 3 offer-completed referrals on FreeiPodShuffles.

To stress the point I WILL post here when people complete offers so people don't needlessly throw away their completed offers. Oh, and I WILL have more sweepstakes after this one is over. Hope this helps anyone wanting to enter my sweeps and have a nice day everyone!

P.S. The reason there's no prepaid phone news here is there is no prepaid phone news elsewhere worth enough to post here. When there's enough news I'll post it. Hopefully that time will be around the end of this week...

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