Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tracfone Specials - Part 2

Unfortunately, CDMA seems to be the technology Tracfone is trying to downplay on its website. The only phone available is the abysmal (or so I've heard) Motorola v120c, which costs $27 (tax and shipping included; if you get two phones shipping would be free so more like $21.40 apiece with tax only) and includes a 40 (now 60) minute airtime card. It is a fairly good deal though, since with each phone you get 120 minutes (port it over to the Tracfone of your choosing, which could also refer the phone and get 100 more minutes) plus at least 60 from the airtime card. With the promo code I mentioned awhile earlier you could actually get 100 minutes on the card (COULD is the key word here) so 220 (or even 320) minutes total. There are better deals out there in my opinion but this one is OK if you can live with getting another phone (same story as the TDMA Motorola v60).

Amazon has the Nokia 2126, but it's $22 plus shipping. Dunno about that one...

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