Monday, February 27, 2006

Sweepstakes Rehash

OK. To keep this topic known I'm rehashing in short the Go4Prepaid sweepstakes. For more info, scroll down to the full post.

Grand Prize - Either an LG 225 with accessories or a Boost i285 with accessories. The former will come with at least $5 in airtime, the latter with around $30. Software, ringers and wallpapers are also included for both phones (actually no wallpapers on the i285 because it can't do them).

1st Prize - Nokia 5165 with home charger

TO BE ELIGABLE - Follow the current referral link (right now it's Free iPod) and complete an offer.

I'll draw the winner as soon as I have the 8 required referrals. Yees, your chances are 1 in 8 that you'll get a pretty good phone...

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