Friday, August 10, 2007

Tracfone\Net10 Updates: Net10 w370, Tracfone Codes, v170

I have Chris, the Turk ad The_Sweeper to thank for this:

1. The Motorola w370 is now available on Net10! After rolling out eyes and saying "it's about time!" we see that the phone is $80...not incredibly affordable but hey, it's $50 on Tracfone and comes with $30 worth of airtime so I'll give 'em that.

2. The Turk is keeping very good track of the promotional codes available, and coming up with new ones etc. See the list in its full glory below:

3. The Tracfone Motorola v170 at has broken the $20 barrier. If you're at a loss as to whether to get this at that price or a Motorola c139 for $5 less, the v170 is the right choice. Though the twofer deal still includes the c139...darn it...


Turk said...

Tracfone Moto w370 is on sale at K-Marts for $40 from 8/12/07 - 8/18/07...go get'em you Trac-ites! (lol).

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AKmaro1 said...

Also a number of phone cards are advertised for $40 at Target this week. The double minute for life Tracfone card, and the $50 airtime cards from T-Mobile, Boost, and Virgin Mobile as well.