Monday, August 06, 2007

Site Announcement, GoPhone Update, Shameless Begging #2

First off, I'm going to rework how reviews are posted. Instead of having them as seperate pages with a review index on a static site, they'll now simply be a category on this blog. That's why I'm not putting up the reviews of the Nokia 6030 and the Motorola c168i on the other part of the site. Look for this change in the next day or two...I'm too busy to do it now ;)

Second, GoPhone prices have fluctuated. Here they are:

Nokia 6030 (Refurb) - $10 (!)
Sony Ericsson J220a (Refurb) - $10
Motorola c139 - $20 (?)
Nokia 2610 (Refurb) - $10 (!!!)
Motorola c168i - $40 (hm...figures)
Pantech c120 (Refurb) - $20
Samsung a117 - $60 (new phone!)
Nokia 2610 - $50
Pantech c3b - $90
Nokia 6102i - $100
Motorola Razr Black\Silver - $130 (finally!)

Now that you've seen the price dros (or in the case of the Motorola, raises), let me make a shameless beg...

Thanks to The_Sweeper and Bill In NC for letting me review the Nokia 6030 and the Motorola c168i. I can't get AT&T phones here so that really helps... I'm asking anyone else who has\wants to get one of the following phones...

Nokia 2610
Pantech c120
Sony Ericsson J220a loan it to me for maybe a week so I can review it. For this you'll get my sincere thanks for supporting this site...and probably more 'n' that. Again, thanks t everyone for coming here and showing your support for this site...I'm glad to ahve earned it!

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