Sunday, August 26, 2007

Locus Just Went Crazy...and more...

For whatever reason (maybe because Page Plus Cellular is taking all their Verizon business and Beyond Wireless is taking all their GSM business, and no new customers are signing up) Locus Telecom just wet insane... ...with limited-time-offer (for some brands; others have low rates to stay, looks like) ultra-low per minute rates...see the list below:
Locus Platinum (Verizon)

$10 - 83 minutes - 30 days (12 cents per minute)
$20 - 222 minutes - 60 days (9 cpm)
$30 - 428 minutes - 60 days (7 cpm)
$50 - 833 minutes - 90 days (6 cpm)
$100 - 2000 minutes - 120 days (5 cpm)

Looks like they're competing against Page Plus except with better per-minute pricing and shorter expirations...and no monthly fee. So now you can talk 500 minutes per month and pay $25 for contract required. Sick ;) Oh, and these prices are not limited-time like the other pricing below, which extends from 8/1 till 12/31 this year.

O2 Wireless (AT&T)

$30 - 500 minutes - 6 cents per minute - 30 days
Rewards ups to $44 for 733 minutes - 4.1 cents per minute !?!
$50 - 1000 minutes - 5 cents per minute - 30 days
Rewards ups to $78 for 1560 minutes - 3.2 cents per minute !?!?!?!?!?!

I had no idea that these guys even bought the minutes as low as this price! Granted, you have to spend $250 on service to get rewards rates, but for an anytime minute plan (if you don't talk much on nights\weekends anyway) this blows even contract plans outta the water! Geesh...only a few $50 calling cards can beat the rewards rate on Oxygen! *shakes head* No, I'm perfectly happy with my Sprint SERO plan...but anyone wanting to try out prepaid...well...this is your opportunity to do it!

Locus Mobile GSM (AT&T)

I honestly don't know what's going on here, but I think these guys are also offering 5 cent minutes in one form\fashion or another. Insane, I tell you...

CallPlus Wireless (AT&T)

Looks like these guys have the same "ultra rate" offering as Oxygen, except without rewards and with a 25-cent-per-day fee. Still, 5 or 6 cents a minute is darn good!


See Oxygen, except without the rewards. Still, it's dang insane!

So if you need a phone for four months and want insane rates, grab O2 if you can find it. If you want great rates for a longer period of time, with a lower monthly minimum, you have Locus Platinum. Granted, Page Plus has a lower monthly minimum than Locus Platinum on all but the highest-end Page Plus refill, but if you want incredibly cheap minutes because you're going to use a lot of 'em, Locus Platinum beats Page Plus by about 12% on per-minute cost.

Now if only the mainstream carriers would lower their rates...

...and now for the promised tidbits. First off, Page Plus is rebranding soon, I hear. You'll be hearing\seeing more of them in mainstream media, but I also hear that the rates will continue to drop. I don't want to say anymore for fear that I've already said too much...

...and one more thing: check back here tomorrow. I have an announcement about something I've helped work on, related to prepaid...and it's big...

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