Saturday, August 18, 2007

Liberty Mobile Intro's Unlimited Plan

Heard of Liberty Mobile? Probably because of the bad review? Well, maybe here's another reason to look at 'em again: they have an unlimited talk\text plan.

Which may well be enough for some people. Just don't use your phone too much, otherwise Liberty Wireless will find the plan too expensive and phase it out. But I hope not.

Liberty Wireless phones, since the plans are hybrid, are pretty inexpensive for prepaid, which is a good thing.

The only downside to LW's unlimited plan is that the $100 it costs (the cost of a typical carrier's 1350 minute postpaid plan, plus unlimited texting so really not a horrible plan cost-wise if you're going to use that many minutes) doesn't include taxes and fees, which include some wierd $4 "system access fee" that is, needless to say, rather underhanded\annoying. Then again, you'e got a plethora (would you say I have...a plethora?) of carriers that have $xx-without-taxes prepaid plans. So all you can do here is shrug and take the plan, or not.

Well, one other downside: this is Sprint-network-only. Which puts it in indirect comparison to the coverage-limited Boost Unlimited service that Sprint is rolling out in Texas and California, which costs half as much.

But at least there is a network-wide unlimited plan...

...though I have to start a quick rant here: someone who submitted a story to the Prepaid Press (a big news site on all things in the prepaid industry, from phones to long distance card to debit cards) said that prices would undoubtedly get lower on the Liberty Wireless unlimited plan as time went on. To which I say, uh uh. The cost of providing unlimited minutes is going to be high for Liberty Wireless, sorta the same with text messages, ince they're very likely still paying by minute and by text to Sprint. So I really DON'T see the price getting much\any lower...whoever wrote that article is...well...I dunno really...

Next up, developments on Net10 and Tracfone.

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