Monday, August 06, 2007

AirVoice Update

I seriously need to start work on a few projects so I ahve to make this brief, but...

I just looked on AirVoice's site and found a few things:

1) The daily fee is incurred only on days you use the phone (to talk or text). Like GoPhone's pay-per-day plan. Which makes the service not so horribly overpriced.

2) "Funny money" is still around, and this time minutes are set at 10 cents apiece. So while on the $10 card you're paying 30 cents for the first minute of each day, on the $100 card you're paying 24 cents and 8 cents per minute after that. Well...actually a bit more than that, more like 25 and 8.33 since you're getting a 20% bonus on airtime instead of a 20% discount (yay math) but it's still a better deal than you'd think.

3) Because of the daily fee (I guess) airtime expiration is now tiered. $10 lasts 90 days as before, but now $20 lasts 120, $30 lasts 150, $50 lasts 180 and $100 lasts a year. Granted, the best cost per month is still on the cheapest refills but when you can get good rates and good expiration on a high-demonination card like is now possible it's just plain nice.

So Airvoice didn't turn quite as evil as first reports said, though it's still not for everybody.

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