Friday, August 10, 2007

Tracfone LG CG225 - Available on!

Well, looks like the Tracfone LG CG225 is officially out...thanks akmaro1 for the tip!

Interestingly, looks like also that the double minute promotion is preloaded onto the phone. Now you can take that one of two ways: either they're offering a nice deal and giving you a flip cameraphone for $30, the same price as the Moto c261...

...or they may make a habit of doing double minutes included in their more expensive phones. Which makes this phone a ho-hum deal but makes the minutes some of the cheapest in the prepaid industry. Now a $40 refill with the 225...out of the box...gets you 10 cent plus 5 cent per "web minute" picture even if you take a decently large picture and it takes forever (3 minutes) to send you're only out 25 cents, the same as you'd pay on another carrier's prepaid plan. Oh, and did I mention that this also means minutes most...16.7 cents apiece anywhere GSM service is available, again out of the box? And you can get 'em down below 10 cents a minute without too much trouble (read: twofer deals and promo codes).

Or maybe I'm being too excited. Maybe they're just trying to keep the "twofer effect" from happening with the LG by preloading the double minute card, which it looks like they're doing, and basically making the phone $30 with a mandatory purchase of a double minute card, which isn't so horrible either considering that the going price for a basic flip cameraphone elsewhere is $40 (INPulse UTStarCom 7075, Virgin Mobile Snapper w\PayPal discount).


Turk said...

Just to let everyone know that there are alot of new Promo Codes added at the Forum...check them out!

>>>>>>>>>> Hail Almighty Turk <<<<<<<<<<

The Sweeper said...

Net10 FINALLY puts the w370 on their website as "Web Exclusive"....Price? $80

dude said...

I think I'm going to buy this phone. It looks much nicer than the motorola v170 (my current phone). It has an external screen, a camera, and other cool things. It's probably going to be one of the better tracfones.